download.jpg“If  music  be food of love play on , give  me excess of it ” –

Orsino (twelfth night )

          Music is defined as an art form , social activity or cultural activity whose medium is sound  and  silence .  Music has become a part of us now . It is a part and a parcel of ur life . The most palliative companion in our lonely times .  Kind of Music  we hear depends on our mood . When we are happy we go for jumpy tunes and groovy numbers  , when we are depressed melody is so soothing .The origin of the word music is greek  – mousike ( the art of the muses ). Can any of  us imagine  a world with no music , no sound . How boring and insipid it would be .  ” Music is something that can…

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We are Vidhya Bharati School of Music, an online Music School with over 3 years of experience in successfully implementing effective online training in music for music enthusiasts worldwide. The institute works with missionary zeal on educating its students on harnessing the power of music and get maximum benefits of this cost effective online music venture.
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