Melsthayi Varishai

These are higher octave sequences, which increase the students’ vocal or instrumental range. Again, the logic is easy to understand. The first is the simplest and every subsequent exercise adds a new phrase to the previous one. This progressively cover notes upto Pa in the higher octave.

Thara Staayi Varishai also called as Melsthaayi, Uccha sthaayi varishai improves your tonal quality and range in the upper octaves. Sing this in Akaram and in 3 speeds.

Raga: Mayamalavagowla (15th Melakartha Ragam)

Arohana: S R1 G3 M1 P D1 N3 S

Avarohana: S N3 D1 P M1 G3 R1 S

Talam: Adi

Download PDF Here

  1.  S   R   G   M   |   P   D   |   N   S   ||

S   ,    ,       ,   |    S    ,    |    ,     ,  ||

D   N   S   R   |    S    N   |   D   P   ||

S     N  D   P   |   M   G   |  R   S   ||


  1.    S   R  G   M   |   P   D   |   N   S  ||

S    ,     ,    ,   |     S    ,   |   ,    ,   ||

D   N  S   R   |   S   S    |   R   S  ||

S   R – S   N   |  D   P  |   M   P  ||

D   N   S   R   |   S   N   |  D   P  ||

S   N    D   P  |    M  G   |  R  S   ||



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