Puthandu Vazthukal

Puthandu vazhthukkal

Tamil New Year is the first day of the first month of Tamil calendar Year Chithirai is celebrated as Puthandu. This auspicious day is also known as Varusha Pirappu which falls on 13th or 14th April according to the Gregorian calendar. The Tamilians all over the world celebrate Varusha Pirappu with religious fervor and devotion. They decorate the floor with kolams with rice flour and decorate the main doors of the house with “Maa‐ilai (Mango leaf) / veppilai (Neem Leaf) Thorans” and “flowers thorns” people visit temples and invoke divine blessings for the coming year. Many people get their houses painted for the occasion. People also visit friends and dear ones to exchange greetings for the New Year – “Puthandu Vazthukal”

Some families have tradition to view Kanni which means the auspicious sight. It is believed that viewing Kanni at dawn bring good luck, well-being and prosperity to their families. They tastefully display items like gold and silver, jewelry, betel ‐leaves, nuts, fruits and vegetables, flowers, raw rice and coconuts etc. in the Pooja room.

Many special dishes are prepared on the auspicious occasion and are offered to the Gods. The yummy dishes include Payasam, Puran poli, Manga Pachadi, Veppam Poo Pachadi, Paruppu Vada and many more.



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