Happy Mothers day ! A Heart-Warming Song Dedicate to all Mothers…!!



mothers day quote




Heart-Warming song Dedicate to all mothers…!!


Song Credits:


Composer, Flute, Video Editing, mix and master – Vijay Kannan
Vocals, Lyrics – Uma Ramasubramaniam
Camera – Ramasubramaniam Gurumurthy
Vocals Recorded at Sonic Pro Studios, Chennai

Song Lyrics:


KanmaniyE kAviyamE
Kann variantha oviyamE

Perazhagu dEvadayE
Arputhathil pEr arputhamE

Unnai urukiyE ennai Eendreduthaalakki
Athil neE magizhchi kandAi perumayum kondAi

En than thevaigal, athai muzhuthum nee arivai
En than mounangal, athin arthangal nee purivAi
Anbin mozhi mattum pEsum unakku veru mozhigal theriyathu
ThAyainum mElAna deivam ulagilE vEronru kidayathu.

Ithu varai neE seitha thyAgangal pothume
Ini nee endan sEye naan undan thaaye

KanmaniyE kAviyamE
KanvalarAi KanvalarAi

aariraaro oraariroo
aariraaro oraariroo

aariraaro oraariroo

English translation:


Apple of my eye, a true masterpiece (metaphorical)
A stunning painting par excellence (metaphorical)
An angel so immensely beautiful
You are nothing short of a miracle

From my birth, you have endured a lot of pain, all the way
But radiated only happiness and pride every single day


My needs and desires, you know too well
My silent moments, you understand them all
You speak only the language of love, none other
There is no angel greater than you, O Mother!

Enough of all the sacrifices you have made for me so far
It is now my turn to be your mother, O my dear! (Implied)

Apple of my eye, a true masterpiece (metaphorical)
sleep my dear, sleep my dear…



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