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Carnatic Music Composers – The Master of Rhythm

Shyama Shastri [1762-1827] is one of the oldest and best-known names among the Trinity of Carnatic Music, Tyagaraja, and Muthiswami Diskshitar being the other two.Shyama Shastri stands out for the most “rhythmic beauties” employed in his kritis – for instance, the use of five syllable words like sarasamukhi, varamosagu, kamalamukhi, etc. These correspond to the rhythmic phrase “ta dhin gi na thom”. Continue reading

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Carnatic Music Composers: A Journey from a “Composer” to the “Nadopasaka”

During childhood at the early age of five, Tyagarajar became well versed with Ramayana, Indian Epic. Lord Rama had already made way into his heart. Tyagaraja proved to be a child prodigy by composing songs at an early age of 10. As a 13-year-old, he composed Namo Namo Raghava in Desikathodi. Continue reading

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Carnatic Music Composers – Muthuswami Dikshitar… Biography and Miraculous impact of his composition

The youngest of the Carnatic Musical Trinity was born in 1776, brought up with 2 brothers and a sister with great care and acquiring proficiency in both music and Sanskrit. Continue reading

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Carnatic Music Composers – Purandara Dasa – “The Grandsire of Carnatic Music

We live in a world of carnatic music built by the genius and inventiveness of great composers. Learning Carnatic music composers’ biographies allow you to see the music world in new ways. It will give you a new perspective.
It is apt to start this section with the Biography of Purandara Dasa, “Sangeeta Pitamaha” (grandfather) of Carnatic music.
Do you know that this great saint was a stinking rich money lender?? Though he was very rich, he was extremely stingy. He would not donate a pie to any poor. Continue reading

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